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Level I: 6:00pm, Level II: 7:30pm

Espacio Flamenco

Bulerías Festeras w/ Juan Paredes

June 13 - 15


Level I: 6:00pm, Level II: 7:30pm


Espacio Flamenco
217 Southwest 1st Avenue, Portland, OR, USA
About the event


Tuesday - Thursday June 13 -15

Level I: 6:00 – 7:20 p.m. daily

Level II: 7:30 – 8:50 p.m. daily

Level I

No previous Bulerias experience? This is the class for you!

i.e. Espacio Flamenco Introductory - Adv. Beginning levels

Level II

Familiar with Bulerias compas and pasos? Join this class!

i.e. Espacio Flamenco Levels 1+


3 classes, $120

6 classes, $200

1 class, $50

YOUTH RATE! For 18 and younger, 3 classes, $100


Espacio Flamenco

217 SW 1st Ave, Portland OR 97204

Why Study Bulerias?

Bulerías part of the informal, casual, and even funny side of Flamenco that is usually celebrated off-stage after performances or at family gatherings. Often, it is the encore of a Flamenco espectáculo (theater production). Dance movement is pedestrian rather than technically-oriented, making it a dance style for everyone, including beginners. Yet, the non-verbal communication and improvisational nature of this style of Flamenco dance is a fun challenge for advanced dancers.

Why are Juan’s classes exceptional?

Juan’s classes are taught in a circle to emphasize the communal nature of Flamenco, and the communicative nature of the rhythm. He meets each dancer at his or her individual level in this format, making him a master of reaching dancers at a variety of experience levels in one class. Part of his success as a teacher is due to his training as a dance educator. Juan is one of few touring Flamenco artists who is certified with honors as a Flamenco dancer. He received his certification in 2007 from the Conservatorio Superior de Música y Danza de Sevilla. The rest is the magic that Juan brings to class, his manner of helping students unlock new skills while smiling and laughing in class.

Does Juan speak English?

Juan teaches in Spanish, and it is not a barrier. His method of transmitting rhythm and dance is based on movement and gesture, rather than lecture and spoken explanation. In fact, dancing with a Spanish Flamenco artist who is speaking his own language is one of the successes that participants feel when they move and cheer in Juan’s classes.

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